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Triple Degree

The European Business School of Barcelona offers Masters, Postgraduate and a wide variety of Higher Courses of great business recognition. In all of them we develop a quality education based on personalised training and attention to each of our students, incorporating new market and management trends. Aware of the value of high-level training, ENEB is committed to a triple degree system for all Master’s students.

At ENEB we are not only committed to a theoretical training of business knowledge, but we also include in all our masters a Specialisation Course in Coaching and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) so that you are able to apply this knowledge in the direction and management of teams and achieve professional success in any company.

All our training programmes are accompanied by the Business English Program, an optional and free English course at negotiation level that will allow you to function in an international working environment.

At the end of our Master’s programmes, you will receive a triple degree issued by ENEB, endorsed and certified by the University Isabel I:

Title of the Master’s Degree you have completed
Diploma of Specialisation in Coaching and NLP
Business English Program Certificate

In order to facilitate administrative procedures, all non-EU students can request the apostille service for all administrative documents issued by the school once they have completed their training programmes by paying the corresponding fees.

The single legalisation procedure – known as apostille – consists of placing an apostille or annotation on the administrative document itself, which certifies the authenticity of the documents issued in another country by the European Business School Barcelona. The signatory countries of the 12th Convention of the Hague Conference on Private International Law of 5 October 1961 therefore recognise the authenticity of documents that have been issued in other countries and bear the apostille.

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