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Institutional alliances

The Universidad Isabel I is a private, distance learning university, headquartered in the Spanish city of Burgos, with a branch in Valladolid and another in Miranda de Ebro. The teaching offer consists of degrees and official online masters, as well as postgraduate degrees and a language school, all adapted to the European Higher Education Area.

Harvard Business Publishing is a not-for-profit company. It operates the publications associated with Harvard Business School, including the Harvard Business Review. It also manages the publications of Harvard Business School Press and Harvard Business School Case Studies.

The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) is a non-profit foundation based in Brussels, established in 1989 to increase the competitiveness of the European economy. The initial push to form EFQM was a response to the work of W. Edwards Deming and the development of total quality management concepts.

The National Association of e-Learning and Distance Learning Centers brings together the best private centers that provide distance and e-learning training. It plays an important role in the management of training with companies, sectorial associations of employers, professional associations, institutions, etc.

The AEEN is an Association formed in July 2008 by eleven Private Business Schools, nationwide, with the aim of contributing, in a collegial manner, to the process of management development through Professional Master’s programs that enable their students to obtain highly effective business results.

Independent universities are an expression of the diversity of the European higher education system and support freedom of choice for students and professors. They offer a wide variety of study options at the cutting edge of science and didactics. They bring added value to students and strengthen the performance of the European higher education system.

The BCU was born in 1997 with the aim of promoting, coordinating and directing all actions and activities considered necessary to promote Barcelona and its metropolitan area as an international university center. In 2014, the BCU was set as an example of good practices for the internationalization of universities according to UNESCO. Since 2016 the BCU is the showcase for all university spaces to organize congresses.

Trinity College London believes that effective communication and performance skills are life-enhancing and know no boundaries. They promote and encourage the best possible communication and performance skills through innovative, personal and authentic assessments, content and training.

The Instituto Superior de Empresa y Finanzas (ISEFi) is a private institution specialized in financial training for individuals, professionals and companies. It has grown to become one of the most complete and specialized in the financial training market, creating courses from scratch.

EENI (Global Network Ahimsa University) is a Global Network of Higher Education (Online Professional Masters and Doctorates) at a distance, focused exclusively on international business and foreign trade. Its mission is to facilitate access to the world’s growing demand for higher education that cannot be met by traditional universities at affordable prices for everyone.

ICEEX Certification is an international benchmark for its prestige, expert commissioner and its knowledge of all the existing items in the educational processes, with the aim of optimizing and improving them in favor of the training of students.guaranteeing the quality of schools and their training programs is currently a global demand that ICEEX makes possible thanks to its certificate and seal, which contribute to the image of schools diffusion, credibility and excellence, as ENEB.

The Latin American Council of Administration Schools – CLADEA in Spanish (El Consejo Latinoamericano de Escuelas de Administración) is an international network that brings together higher education institutions and organizations dedicated to teaching and research in the field of administration. It supports academic and administrative management, generates spaces for knowledge exchange and promotes mobility agreements.

This agreement begins on July 2024, between Escuela de Negocios Europea de Barcelona, hereafter ENEB and the Blackwell Global University, hereafter “BGU,” to facilitate the transfer of credits and enable students to obtain the programs from ENEB and obtain the degree from BGU.

Specific agreement with IUSH Instituto Universitario Salazar y Herrera to enable the recognition of their masters programs as official in the validation of the same, being generated by the collaborating universities the certification of officialdom of these masters through this alliance.

UTN, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is an academic benchmark for training, with a commitment to innovation processes and business and entrepreneurial leadership as reference elements in its academic activity, and ENEB collaborate in the development and initiation of a certification process and the issuance of a joint degree between the university and the Business Schools mentioned for the following Masters, which may be extended by mutual agreement by the parties to new programs: MBA, Master in Marketing, Project Management, Master in Human Resources, Finance and Psychology.

The Espiritu Santo University and ENEB sign a collaboration agreement for the development of double degrees and official recognition of specific Master’s programs. A specific agreement is signed with international university institutions that enable the recognition of their masters programs as official in the validation of the same, being generated by the collaborating universities the certification of officialdom of these masters through this alliance.

The University of Olmeca and ENEB sign an agreement with the objective of developing this agreement may develop activities such as those listed below, academic training, exchange of events or holding joint events, use of local spaces, implementation and certification of projects and seminars together recognizing degrees.

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