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Distance learning

In order to facilitate combining personal and professional life, all our training programs are carried out entirely online.

Thus, students can access the whole training content through our Virtual Campus. It’s our main platform that allows our students to study from anywhere in the world, at any time.

All evaluations and final works are also submitted online.

Once enrolled, our students obtain access to the Virtual Campus where they can find all necessary academic resources, establish a direct line of communication with other students and teachers, gain access to discussion forums, take the English Business course, among many other possibilities.



All our training programs are based on a continuous quality training model, by means of which our students will gain the adequate knowledge to achieve their career goals.


After completion of each lesson of the different subjects, students will perform self-correcting exams to reinforce what they have learnt. Once they pass the tests, they will hand in a final work for each subject so that our teaching staff can evaluate the acquired knowledge. To obtain the title of any of our training programs, students need to pass all final papers. Continuous evaluation, monitoring and correction of each of the final works are conducted entirely online, facilitating distance learning.

24/7 system

Our 24/7 service guarantees that all our students are provided with constant help by our team of tutors during any day of the week. They may feel free to study at their own pace, whenever and wherever they want. All questions will be reviewed and answered within a period of 24 hours.


We provide a flexible training system which is fully adapted to our students’ schedule, enabling them to combine their studies with their personal and professional activity.


All our Master’s, Postgraduate and Higher Education courses begin the day the student chooses. They just need to inform us if they prefer to start on a different day from that of enrolling.

The duration of each program will depend on the number of credits, ranging between 4 and 24 months.

If a student doesn’t manage to complete the program within the initial training time to lack of time or not obtaining the minimum passing grade, they can request a free time extension of up to 6 months for the Master’s and Postgraduate programs. This will allow us to discuss with the student and agree on a new deadline.

If the student has any personal issue, they must notify their tutors or the Academic Department. The student’s case will be evaluated individually.

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