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Student services

ENEB has lots of free services available to all its students. In addition to the Internship Program and the Employment Exchange, we offer the accommodation service for students through our collaborator Barcelona Center Universitari. In this way, the necessary procedures will be facilitated so that all our students who request a stay in Barcelona, whether national or international, can come to live in Barcelona and enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of the most cosmopolitan European cities while studying a Master or Postgraduate.   

Students who wish to take advantage of this program will have help in reaching the following services in order to have a complete stay in Barcelona:   

  • Medical expenses insurance. 
  • Legal advice. 
  • Information to obtain the Foreign Identity Number (NIE) for all our international students. 
  • Social and cultural activities. 
  • If you wish to make any query about the aforementioned services, contact

All ENEB students have the opportunity to take their training programs online in Barcelona, having the opportunity to meet other students residing in the city through the ENEB Community and share knowledge about their studies and experiences. In addition, it is a great opportunity to network with other colleagues and with great professionals who are developing their professional careers in Barcelona. 

The projection and international recognition of the city, the economic and business dynamism, the generation of employment, growth and diversification of jobs, the vitality of the cultural, leisure and free time sectors, as well as the great infrastructure, transport, hotels and services in general are some of the reasons why Barcelona is the ideal place to study and consolidate your professional development. 

Study, learn, have fun and meet people thanks to the experience of studying at ENEB. 

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