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The best cities in the world to study an MBA

Currently, the MBA is the program of higher education with greater recognition and international prestige, focused on professionals who want to develop in the field of business management.

The best-rated country to study an MBA is the United States, and the cities most chosen by international students are Boston, New York and Chicago. Next comes the United Kingdom, Spain and Canada, according to a report from the MBA City Monitor published last September by ESADE Business School.

Another critical factor is the location of the business school; This is the third most important criterion when deciding on an MBA or another, ahead of others such as the positioning of the school itself in the rankings.

Undoubtedly, Spain can boast of a great attraction for international students, being the third country in the world with the most host of international students to do a master’s degree in business management.

Below are the ten leading localities, according to an ESADE study, for which the number of international students in 126 full-time MBAs included in the Financial Times ranking has been taken into account.


It is the world reference for MBAs, with essential business schools such as Harvard. Of the almost 4,000 students of this type in the city, more than 1,800 are international.

New York

The city of skyscrapers attracts more than 1,000 international students each year only in the schools present in the Financial Times ranking.


It is the first European city, with just over 1,000 students attracted to study an MBA.


The US city has more than 2,500 MBA students, of whom more than 900 come from outside the country.


The city counts with more than 800 international students who access MBA full-time programs.


The French capital attracts 900 international students each year to pursue an MBA.


The Canadian capital is the destination of more than 800 MBA per year.

Raleigh- Durham

Almost 700 international students choose this town of North Carolina.


The first Asian city on the list attracts more than 600 students annually.

San Francisco- San Jose

This area closes the top ten worldwide of the best cities to pursue an MBA, with more than 600 international students.

It is clear that venturing abroad to pursue a graduate degree goes far beyond a simple trip. Moreover, is that, before telling us about the option to leave our country, we must assess all the factors of our surroundings and the state of destination to study the master we are looking for.

A digital alternative does not have to be less than a face-to-face, it is a very well-valued option currently, as long as a prestigious institution backs it.

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