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Postgraduate in Advertising, Marketing and SM

Postgraduate in Advertising, Marketing and SM

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The Postgraduate program in Advertising, Marketing and SM prepares our students to face new professional demands. The convergence of new forms of advertising, marketing and social networks force companies to seek profiles that fit in with the current times and that are prepared to develop actions both, online and offline. Social networks play a vital role in the marketing and communication infrastructure as they help organizations meet new business challenges of the today's market by applying the necessary techniques to achieve the goals established by the company. 
This Postgraduate program will help you find the most efficient and appropriate methods to make the most of communication, advertising, and visibility as well as to facilitate the possibility of expanding into new markets.
Start your academic career with ENEB; one of the most important distance business schools of Europe that allows you to gain education at the highest level, from any place and with the daily support of all our teachers and tutors.


In the Postgraduate Program in Advertising, Marketing and Social Media, a global vision will be acquired for Project Managers, Marketing Directors, Communication Directors, Web Channel Managers, Webmasters, Marketing Campaign Managers, Account Executives, Analysts and Consultants, Programmers, Information Architects, Designers, Copywriters, Product Managers, Online Store Managers as well as the creation of digital businesses.


  • Creating value for the brand in the management of virtual communities through the development of Social Media plans. 
  • Developing online reputation plans and managing online communities. 
  • Using appropriate tools to attract followers, as well as creating relevant interactions between the brand and the consumer. 
  • Taking on functions in strategic marketing and recognizing the importance of loyalty and customer service.
  • Thoroughly studying the current market, deciding on product design based on the market needs. 
  • Learning how to successfully satisfy consumers’ needs, tastes and objectives. 
  • Considerably boosting sales and business development. 
  • Mastering the various aspects of marketing strategy formulation, covering the entire process of analysis and strategy definition. 
  • Understanding the phases of the sales process, focusing on those key aspects that facilitate achieving the company goals. 
  • Getting familiar with the origins of advertising and its evolution into what we know today. 
  • Getting a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of advertising, concepts, definitions, key elements, etc. 
  • Carefully studying the current market, in order to make decision according to its needs. 
  • Getting to know the consumer and the target audience. 
  • Understanding the communication process and the key elements in advertising. 
  • Learning how to interpret a briefing and plan an advertising campaign. 
  • Developing a media strategy and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.
  • Getting to know the consumer psychology and the creative ways to attract clients. 
  • Understanding the role of the new advertising, alternatives to conventional means and developing campaigns on the Internet. 
  • Learning about the figure of the Community Manager, its roles and responsibilities. 
  • Having an overall perspective of social networks.
  • Mastering marketing applied to the social networks and being able to use it strategically. 
  • Learning to manage crises and mistakes. 
  • Acquiring an overview of the basics of SEO.


To access any of our Postgraduate programs, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Students holding a degree certificate. 
  • Students currently studying for an graduate degree or equivalent higher education tittle. 
  • Foreign students having an equivalent degree documented. 
  • Professionals that already have a recognized position in the field. 
  • In the unlikely event that you do not meet any of the above requirements, please contact the school and the admissions department will assess your case individually.


At the end of your studies, you will earn two diplomas issued by ENEB Business School and the Universidad Isabel I:

- Postgraduate Program in Advertising, Marketing and Social Media.

- Spanish for Business Program 

All our training programs come with an optional Spanish for Business Program, which will allow our students to succeed in an international working environment. In case the student does not follow the program, they will get a postgraduate diploma.

Duration: 6 months
Language: English
Credits: 12 ECTS
Price: 3.300€ | 3.300$ | £3.300
Start date: Chosen by the student
Price incluiding scholarship: 1.165€ | 1.165$ | £1.165

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- Spanish for Business Program
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