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International Character

Since its foundation, ENEB has been investing in a policy of global content, with a clear international character, developing its activities not only in Europe but also in Latin America, North America, Middle East, Australia and Southern Asia. 

ENEB invests in its internationalization across all continents, taking into account the clear expansion and globalization of world economies, with the aim of empowering great professionals in the business sector. 

Considering the quality of a European master’s degree and the added value it brings to companies, many of our students are working in different countries across the globe. Currently, our school has more than 65.000 students spread across more than 50 countries. 

With a wide variety of Master and Postgraduate programs, ENEB Business School provides the managerial tools and necessary abilities to successfully run any department of any organization. According to the Financial Times, “having an EMBA or MBA has a direct effect upon career progress and salary”. In addition, to facilitate administrative procedures, all international students can request hard copies of all documents issued by the school.

If students wish to relocate to Barcelona during their studies, ENEB can facilitate the process to find accommodation through our partnership with the Barcelona Centre Universitari. 

Recently awarded with the Cum Laude 2020 quality seal, ENEB offers their iMaster and Postgraduate programs with international character and guarantee of quality, with the aim of helping future leaders to take on the main positions in the business sector. 

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