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Opinions about ENEB | Ernesto Redruello Fernández

Ernesto Redruello Fernández: "I recommend choosing the training provided by ENEB, which brings out the best in you.'

Ernesto Redruello Hernández studied Business Administration and Management. He completed an MBA - Master of Business Administration

Name and surname: Ernesto Redruello Fernández

City: Luarca (Asturias)

Prior education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management. 

Training program carried out in ENEB: MBA - Master of Business Administration. 

What motivated you to participate in that training program? 

It is believed that today any young person with career aspirations needs a postgraduate degree to be able to coexist with the strong competition in the labour market worldwide. That’s why I decided that not only because of that circumstance, but also for my own knowledge and personal fulfillment, I had to prove to myself and others that I could do it. That's why I pursued an MBA. After that, I also expanded my knowledge with a Master in International Trade, which allowed me to acquire new background that, added to my university education, can make it easier for me to get into the job market. 


Even if the offer of postgraduate programs is very wide and varied, for me there are certain conditions that prevail, such as price, availability and the possibility of studying in your area of residence, and even from home. In my case, ENEB offered all these together and I had no doubt that it was the best option. Life doesn’t end in big schools, universities or high academic circles, there is room for all those who, like me, take into account more values. Let's add to that the good reputation and opinions about ENEB, and here is the result.

Professionally speaking, what are your short and long-term objectives?

Professionally speaking, I’m working on many open fronts: starting a business in the field of communication and / or journalism, preparing provincial competitive examinations, I’m looking for a stable job in an appropriate business environment, and I even dream of becoming the mayor of my Council. In all these cases, my main aspiration is not to be promoted in a company without knowing where I'm going, or if I like what I’m doing. The most important thing for me is to feel useful, happy, proactive and have critical and problem solving capacity, and see how I grow every day. If what I’m doing also adds value to society, and makes a difference in the future, I’ll be fulfilled. A person must work for people, not just for a salary that fills your life with material things that you can not even enjoy.

What functions do you perform daily in your workplace?

I’m currently working as a receptionist in a tourist centre that has campsite, rural accommodation and restaurants. It would probably finish after the summer season, but I also have something temporary in a bank. I’m still looking for training, and learning French and German. Even though I don’t close any doors, I wouldn’t want to move.

How did the MBA help you?

It helped me not only while I was doing it, but I also have better skills now to search for information, to identify important aspects, to improve my abilities or to compare data and apply them to whatever I'm studying or working on. The capacity for abstraction, the definition of a structure based on the specific knowledge I have acquired, and the validity of my contributions today, are better than before I completed this postgraduate course. I discovered things about me that I didn’t know, and that allows me to be self-taught, thanks to a method like ENEB’s, where you establish your own deadlines, progress, evaluation and development. That is the best way to study and learn.

Which subject did you find most useful?

International Trade I and II of the Master in International Trade were my favourite subjects. Their comprehensive comparative view and their data and approaches enable you to analyse any market in order to place your company in the best possible position. These subjects were an excellent way to deal with globalization and to focus on the most important issues to be considered when it comes to expansion, market research and trade techniques, especially outside our borders.

What would you single out from your experience with ENEB?

Although it sounds like a cliché, I would highlight the excellent functioning of the school at all levels: academic, service to the student, speed to answer emails and solve doubts, clarity in the subjects, etc.

Its process of continuous improvement and quality surveys are also very important, as well as the easiness to communicate with tutors. I recommend choosing the training provided by ENEB, which brings out the best in you.

Opinions about ENEB:

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"Of all the universities in which I have studied, ENEB has an 11 out of 10 for its level of attention"
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"The Postgraduate Program in Coaching, NLP and Team Leadership has helped me to better understand people."
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"When I send an e-mail asking about anything I always can expect a reply within 24 hours."
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- MBA - Master of Business Administration
- Teamwork MBA
- Master in Human Resources Management
- Master in Commerce Management and Marketing
- Master in Digital Marketing and eCommerce
- Master in Business and Corporate Communication
- Master in Hotel Management and Tourism
- Master in International Trade
- Master in Project Management
- Master in Supply Chain Management
- Master in Management and Team Management
- Master in Big Data and Business Intelligence
- MBA & Master in Human Resources Management
- MBA & Master in Commerce Management and Marketing
- MBA & Master in Digital Marketing and eCommerce
- MBA & Master in Business and Corporate Communication
- MBA & Master in Hotel Management and Tourism
- MBA & Master in International Trade
- MBA & Master in Project Management
- MBA & Master in Supply Chain Management
- MBA & Master in Management and Team Management
- MBA & Master in Big Data and Business Intelligence
- Postgraduate in Coaching, NLP and Team Leadership
- Postgraduate in Management, EI and Coaching
- Postgraduate in Advertising, Marketing and SM
- Postgraduate in Financial Management and Accounting
- Postgraduate in Advertising and Public Relations
- Postgraduate in Human Resources
- Postgraduate in Logistics and Supply Chain
- Postgraduate in Project Management
- Postgraduate in Personnel Selection, Training and POH
- Postgraduate in Corporate Social Responsibility
- Higher Education Course in Personnel Selection
- Higher Education Course in Occupational Risks
- Higher Education Course in Executive Coaching
- Higher Education Course in Marketing
- Higher Education Course in Advertising
- Higher Education Course in NLP
- Higher Education Course in Emotional Intelligence
- Higher Education Course in Negotiation Techniques
- Higher Education Course in e-Commerce
- Higher Education Course in Personnel Management
- Higher Education Course in Corporate Communication
- Higher Education Course in Public Relations
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