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Opinions about ENEB | Carlos Javier Simarro González

Carlos Javier Simarro González: 'It's a great way of learning for someone who's working.'

Carlos Javier Simarro González studied Public Works Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He currently works as a sales manager for Spain and Portugal at the Multinational Solvay Química. In ENEB, he completed the MBA - Master of Business Administration and he is also studying for the Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing.

Name and surname: Carlos Javier Simarro González.

City: Alcorcón, Madrid.

Prior education: Public Works Engineering. Polytechnic University of Madrid. 

Training program carried out in ENEB: MBA- Master of Business Administration and Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing. 

Job position: Sales manager (Solvay Química).

What motivated you to participate in that training program? Why ENEB?

Mainly because it is one of the common requirements in many of the job offers that I find on the networks. It is sometimes mandatory to apply to certain positions.

I chose ENEB because I had been looking for training programs for a while and I received information about the master’s degree by email and I thought it was an impossible offer to refuse. It was not only because of the offer, but when I browsed the web and compared it with other business schools, I saw that ENEB was in well ranked.

Professionally speaking, what are your short and long-term objectives?

My current job is satisfactory, but I’ve been working in this company for 9 years and I always think about growing professionally. I think that this type of training makes other companies be interested in you, it gives you a comprehensive view of aspects that I’m not developing at my job and it helps me so that other companies can consider me a good candidate for other positions.

Was it difficult for you to reconcile work and study? 

Not at all. I consider myself a disciplined person, but thanks to the flexibility you offer, I was able to finish the course in 13 months. I didn’t rush to finish it and I think that the methodology was good enough to obtain good academic results.

It’s a great way of learning for someone who’s working. In fact I'm doing the Master’s degree in Digital Marketing also with you, so you can be sure that I thought it was a good formula. After completing the MBA I already have the experience of how to organize myself, how to study for the subjects and at the moment my pace is good, the previous experience was very useful for me.

How did you organize your time to complete the training program?

I usually spent some time working on it at night, before going to sleep, and on Saturday mornings, it was my routine. I saw that if I kept that rhythm more or less regularly I could progress within a reasonable time.

Did you always get help from your tutors?

They were always extraordinarily fast. I sent them my assignments on Saturday mornings many times and then on Saturday afternoon, I received the confirmation. The attention is impeccable and each answer was not only satisfactory and fast, but they also covered the need that I had in each moment.

What would you single out from your experience with ENEB?

It was a surprisingly good experience. This is my first online training, I only attended a face-to-face master’s degree. The most pleasant thing was that I realised that there’s quality education online and it has exceeded the expectations of other face-to-face courses that I did. I also believe that it’s the future for people who work. 

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- MBA - Master of Business Administration
- Teamwork MBA
- Master in Human Resources Management
- Master in Commerce Management and Marketing
- Master in Digital Marketing and eCommerce
- Master in Business and Corporate Communication
- Master in Hotel Management and Tourism
- Master in International Trade
- Master in Project Management
- Master in Supply Chain Management
- Master in Management and Team Management
- Master in Big Data and Business Intelligence
- MBA & Master in Human Resources Management
- MBA & Master in Commerce Management and Marketing
- MBA & Master in Digital Marketing and eCommerce
- MBA & Master in Business and Corporate Communication
- MBA & Master in Hotel Management and Tourism
- MBA & Master in International Trade
- MBA & Master in Project Management
- MBA & Master in Supply Chain Management
- MBA & Master in Management and Team Management
- MBA & Master in Big Data and Business Intelligence
- Postgraduate in Coaching, NLP and Team Leadership
- Postgraduate in Management, EI and Coaching
- Postgraduate in Advertising, Marketing and SM
- Postgraduate in Financial Management and Accounting
- Postgraduate in Advertising and Public Relations
- Postgraduate in Human Resources
- Postgraduate in Logistics and Supply Chain
- Postgraduate in Project Management
- Postgraduate in Personnel Selection, Training and POH
- Postgraduate in Corporate Social Responsibility
- Higher Education Course in Personnel Selection
- Higher Education Course in Occupational Risks
- Higher Education Course in Executive Coaching
- Higher Education Course in Marketing
- Higher Education Course in Advertising
- Higher Education Course in NLP
- Higher Education Course in Emotional Intelligence
- Higher Education Course in Negotiation Techniques
- Higher Education Course in e-Commerce
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