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Join the only event that will BEYOND Networking

A unique experience that brings together the top 400 attendees for a day of high-level conferences, exceptional networking and an exciting graduation ceremony.

Explore. Connect. Grow.

Estas en el lugar correcto, interacciona con las personas adecuadas

Explore our activities and don't let them tell you about it!

Scroll down to find out all the chronology of the event - don't miss a thing!

Have a coffee and warm up your engines
In addition to a warm welcome, we will update you on all the exciting things you will experience at this event.

Welcome from Santiago Navarro-Rubio
Need a boost of energy to get started? Our CEO will introduce the event with a very inspiring talk.

Networks and opportunities!
Great opportunities await you at the Employability Fair! We will give you the tips you need to get the most out of the Networking Room.

Leaders' table
Join our Business Leaders Panel as they discuss the world of work and hiring.

Connections with pleasure
Enjoy a themed lunch while immersing yourself in networking sessions - the best ideas come from a full stomach!

Role playing: Problem solving
Ready to put your skills to work? Join Workshop I and solve business problems with a touch of emotional intelligence and coaching.

The power of brands
How do brands talk? Find out in our Workshop II, a practical workshop where experts will guide you through communication strategies.

The AI revolution!
Don't miss our Workshop III, where you will delve into the exciting world of artificial intelligence in business. Ready for the future?

Recharge your energy
Take a well-deserved break with our Coffee Break.

The revolution continues
Take part in an explosive exchange of ideas with the second Business Leaders Panel. How has AI transformed the business world?

Stories that inspire
We close the day with a motivational talk that will make you reflect on what you have learned and fill you with inspiration to move forward.

Celebrating success
It's time to celebrate your achievements at our Graduation and Diploma Ceremony and keep the ENEB community growing!

A toast to the future!
We end the day with a closing cocktail, an opportunity to relax, socialize and continue enjoying the event. It's time to enjoy a pina colada, a beer or your favorite beverage as we toast to a promising future.
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15:45 - 16:30
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17:30 - 18:00
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19:00 – 19:45
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21:00 - 21:30
People from more than 60 countries gathered in one place
We celebrate success with you ENEB graduation!
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A live event with +30 expert guests

Level up!

Accelerate your learning and networking in one place

Give your employability a boost

Expand your network to infinity

Connect with TOP companies

Acquire the skills of the future

Graduate in style

Join the digital innovation and leadership hub

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Great personalities are waiting for you at the event

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Graduation and party!
We will celebrate ENEB's milestones together

At ENEB, we have been training the best leaders for 10 years, changing not only the way they learn, but also their professional future.

From day one, we set out on a clear mission: to offer an education that not only teaches, but also transforms the lives of our students.

Ten years later, we are proud to see how our students have achieved the goals they have always dreamed of.

Each year, more than 20.000 students from 73 countries join our community, eager to conquer the professional world.


ENEB community deserves an unforgettable event

During the ENEB Experience | World Congress we will give a well-deserved recognition to all the talented graduates. It will be a day full of emotions and joy, where we will present our new leaders with their diplomas. They will be the center of attention, sharing their achievements and celebrating the beginning of a new stage in their professional lives.

Students, professors, distinguished guests, team members and many more will attend the event on February 14, 2025. So yes… this event is for you!

Do you know our Class presidents?
They are one of the many examples of our success

Senior Manager at Deloitte in London, he is a chartered accountant with more than fifteen years of experience in financial services. His experience includes business transformation, regulatory compliance and financial audits for clients in the UK, US and Middle East.
Chief Engineer with over 29 years of manufacturing and business management experience. Specialized in operational efficiency, safety standards and team leadership. Expert in methodologies such as FMECA, DMAIC, 5S and TPM. Known for driving efficiency and leading goal-focused teams.
MBA + Master in Project Management
Graduated in Administration and Management of Technological Companies from the Pontifical University of Salamanca, he works in the business development team at Leyton Iberia while pursuing his MBA + Commercial and Marketing Management at ENEB. His goal is to persuade more people about the importance of professional development and to continue expanding his training in international projects.
MBA + Master in Sales and Marketing Management
Focused on the international arena, since the beginning of my professional career I have held positions related to the expansion and internationalization of the company. Currently, I am International Trade Advisor in a firm specialized in internationalization and foreign trade processes supporting private companies and public organizations.
Master in BI
Graduated in 2007, he is a leading figure in the real estate industry. Ranked among the top 3 Realtors by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and among Re/Max Western Canada's top 50 Realtors. He has held the Diamond Masters Medallion President's Club for 15 years and has won the Re/Max Life Time & Hall of Fame awards. He has also achieved the Diamond Re/Max (Highest Million Dollar Award), Titans, Chairman's & Platinum Club Awards.
With over 33 years of law enforcement experience, specializing in Cyber Forensics, Cybersecurity and Risk Management. Recognized for his leadership, communication skills and analytical ability, backed by extensive training and certification in various cyber related disciplines.
Máster BI + Business analytics
Bachelor's Degree in Administration and International Business from Alas Peruanas University, pursuing Master's Degrees in Business Communication and Neuromanagement. Specialized in the development of efficient and achievement-oriented teams, with the objective of contributing to organizational success through human talent and strategic communication.
Master's Degree in Business and Corporate Communication ENEB
Passionate about leadership, management and foreign languages. He has been involved in creating educational programs, collaborating on social projects and mentoring small business start-ups. As a lifelong learner, he actively seeks opportunities for continuing education, skills acquisition, expanding his network and teamwork to constantly grow and evolve.
Visionary Business Management Engineer with specialized expertise applying a comprehensive skill set encompassing financial analysis, operational efficiency and business analysis. Dynamic and results-oriented business leader with a proven track record of driving exponential growth and operational excellence. Distinguished consultant with expertise in market analysis and strategic decision making.
MBA + Master in BI
Visionary Business Management Engineer with specialized expertise in financial analysis, operational efficiency and business analysis. Dynamic and results-oriented business leader with a proven track record of driving exponential growth and operational excellence. Distinguished consultant with expertise in market analysis and strategic decision making.
MBA + Master's Degree in Leadership and Team Management
15 years of experience in Business Administration, specializing in project management for technology clients. As IT Project Manager, she stands out for understanding the client's needs and converting them into solutions, ensuring compliance with internal processes and service agreements.
Information Systems Engineer with extensive experience in ICT and training in strategic areas such as advertising psychology and neuromarketing, offers business consulting to MSMEs in San Cristobal. His goal is to boost the growth and competitiveness of his clients with innovative solutions.
Global Master MBA + Master in Big Data and BI + Master in Project Management
Degree in Fiscal Sciences, mention in Customs and Foreign Trade from the National School of Public Finance, finishing a Master's Degree in Regional Integration at the Latin American and Caribbean University. With more than 10 years of experience in the area of national purchases and imports in the chemical industry.
Global MBA Gestión Internacional
Degree in Business Administration and Strategy, with experience in administrative, financial and marketing areas. She is currently pursuing a double master's degree in MBA and Big Data. Specialized in tools such as and certified in Data Studio and Google Sheets, her goal is to drive business growth by facilitating access to key information.
Master's Degree in BI + Master's Degree in Business Administration
With more than 5 years of experience in strategic account management in Latin America, he is enthusiastic about contributing to the success of the company. He has led teams and directed digital marketing strategies, focusing on understanding the particularities of the market and establishing strong relationships with key clients.
MBA + Master in BI
Degree in Economics from Universidad de la República (Uruguay). Master in Big Data & Business Intelligence and Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship by ENEB. Trained in teaching and with experience in university research. She conducted the first research for Uruguay on the impact of ICT on airline ticket distribution in 2011.
Master's Degree in Big Data + BI + Master's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Lawyer, with a Master in Business Administration and Management and trilingual, she has been working as Financial Manager for an Italian company in the DR for 6 years. In addition, she is founder of a Dominican company that specializes in organizational development, recruitment and corporate law for third parties for the last 2 years.
Master in International Trade
A nurse from the Philippines working in a major German hospital, he is pursuing an MBA and a master's degree in Big Data and Business Intelligence at ENEB. His goal as Class President is to improve his leadership skills and help students. In addition, he works as a tax advisor for the Filipino community in Hamburg and enjoys building IKEA furniture and creating websites as a hobby.
MBA + Master in Big Data and BI
An experienced IT, sales and business development professional, he holds a degree in Computer Science from Tunisia. He has managed projects on all continents and currently works as a Section Supervisor at Darwish Holding in Qatar, driving sales growth and fostering team excellence. His commitment to customer satisfaction, innovative strategies and team development make him a valuable professional to be Class President.
MBA + Master in Team Management
Steven Poole is a recognized leader in the Australian rail industry with more than 20 years of experience. He is currently a principal investigator at Australia's largest rail operator, where he has achieved notable reductions in workplace safety incidents and injuries, as well as significant improvements in staff performance and management.
MBA + Master's Degree in Logistics

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